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The Shift and the different levels of Consciousness - The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 4

On Tuesday the 5th of August, 2014, I caught up with Lai in Sydney to conduct two more QHHT sessions. The information within this particular article is from the second session of the day, but only about sixty percent of that session. I have titled it the fourth ‘part’, based on the order of the previous articles which I have posted so far on transients. We had covered a lot of topics and information within the morning session, which was also a longer session, but one of the topics we did not get a chance to get into within the morning session, was the shift in consciousness. (aka the new earth / the event / the global coastal event / the ascension / the gathering, etc)

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, taught by Dolores Cannon. I am a level 1 & 2 practitioner, trained by Dolores Cannon. This is the method she used to obtain all the information for her many published books. While there are multiple forms of past life regression, this method is unique because it calls in the higher self / over-soul aspect of the spirit, once they have been through a number of past or in-between experiences. Another unique part of this process is that the client goes into a trance based state where the higher self / over-soul speaks through them, using their vocabulary to communicate with.

This session explains very well, in my opinion, a number of different aspects that I have focused on in the past, in relation to the shift, and brings them together to explain the fuller picture, on top of so much more in addition to just that. The information that came through around the different levels of spiritual development in relation to the consciousness of the individual, seems to stand out as very important for people to understand and to learn about. Of course, each person is where they are meant to be, but sometimes some guidance can make a difference in an individuals life. In this case, I think this information will definitely make a difference for some. But not only that, it will provide some insight and understanding, and possibly some comfort, while we continue on with our day to day lives here as the World changes around us, and is likely to change in some larger ways over the next six months, based not only on this information, but other sources out there saying a similar thing.

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The main areas discussed within this session,

  • The current status of the shift on many levels and an explanation of the many elements of it
  • Spiritual based levels of consciousness in relation to the shift and those moving on
  • Physical earth changes and an upcoming magnetic pole shift
  • Possible timing around many upcoming events in relation to the consciousness shift, the physical earth changes and the physical shift of a number of humans in the coming years
  • Clarification on what the the pulse / cloud G2 / stellar wave is about and the role its playing in the shift
  • Nibiru and the very positive role its playing
  • Spiritual guidance for those who wish to actively work on themselves and be part of this shift if they may not already be
  • Information showing that the changes that were to bring a loss of life on a large scale are no longer required to the degree that people were expecting

If you are not familiar with Lai's previous sessions, the grid location I am referring to within this session is a center located within a realm outside of the third dimension, most likely in the 5th, as per our human way of understanding dimensions. A collection of individual conscious beings make up the collective consciousness of what I have labeled as ‘the grid’. This collective consciousness has the responsibility of maintaining the physical 3d universe. You could think of them as gardeners, but from the level of looking after many aspects of the Universe such as planetary bodies, life of all forms on planets and so on. We have had information come through explaining some of work they do which I have included in the past sessions, but not in great detail yet as I never asked about this further. While this is a short explanation of their role, I am sure a fuller answer to their responsibilities would be much more complex and complicated. I also remember experiences of clients of Dolores Cannon's, mentioned in a few of her books, which are likely experiences from individuals that are also part of this grid based collective.

Instead of following the standard process after coming off the cloud, I directed Lai strait to the grid based collective consciousness, which he has found out to be a part of from all of these sessions. He went there very easily and mentioned after the session that the connection was very strong at that moment he first made contact with them. For this second session I used a keyword, which is like a hypnotic suggestion that takes the client into the deeper state, instead of having to go through all of the QHHT induction process.

Note that round brackets ( ) below contain questions or answers. Italic text is additional information from me that I have added while writing this up. Inside the Curly {} brackets are details about that point in time in relation to the session. Also as a reminder, English is not Lai's first language and the grid consciousness uses his vocabulary to communicate through/with, so hence the language barrier in some places.

* * *

The Healing

Laron: “Tell me the very first thing that you see there."
Lai: “I see a beautiful blue light. More beautiful than usual in here. And in the center there is a blue crystal on a round table. It’s round. (How big is it?) Like a paperweight or like an orange. It reminds me of a sapphire. The shape is like an orange… kind of. It would fit in the hand."

Laron: “Is there anyone else with you now?"
Lai: “Well, yes, everyone is ready… to talk. And its very blue, it's kind of like blue, umm, blue lightning sometimes. But lighting can be scary, but this is not scary. Blue sparks like lightning. It's sometimes purple."

The Star of India Sapphire Cabochon: The largest sapphire in the world, 563 carats; discovered in Sri Lanka - Wikipedia

Laron: “Just ask if they are ready to answer questions again now."
Lai: “I'm receiving some light now through my head. So, I will let you know. {10 second pause} When I was receiving this light just now, I felt like there were two or three snakes that left my body, just gone. (Feel? Did you see them as well?) Yes. But now they are not here. They have gone to another plane, not here. They were inside me but now they are out. They are out now on the ground of somewhere else. They just came out of my body."

At this point in the session, Lai talks about an experience he had the day before when he was on his way to the airport and he actually saw a snake that looked similar. Going by what was said, it's possible the experience in real life when he saw the snake may have been a spiritual experience, not so much a real / physical one.

Laron: “Do you want to ask them what that meant?"
Lai: “Okay. It seems that they think I know it. (You have the answer?) Yes. To me I now think it could have seen some negative parts of me. Negative is the most convenient word I chose, OK? (Yes) Without that... I feel lighter and... yeah. It's good. I mean its very good to get rid of that. This light just healed me of those two.“

Laron: “Are they still sending you energy?"
Lai: “No, it's done. I am still getting the light but now it's normal, not healing energy. (Okay, I will ask some questions now then) You ask them alright? (Yeah)“

At this point the grid consciousness starts to speak through him and it is not longer Lai consciously talking.

The Shift in Consciousness

Laron: “With relation to the shifting in consciousness and the new earth, can you provide us with information and what is going on with the process of that right now."
Grid Consciousness: “The shift is fully going on without any interruptions from anyone. Without any interuptions from people that you call the dark forces. Well, people on Earth now believe that there are some others that try to hinder the shift, so there's no hindrance right now. Right now or longer... fifty days. (In the future?) Fifty days in the past. The shift is fully going on. (So for at least the past 50 days, there has been no hindrance?) Right."

Laron: “Can you give us details about what has been occurring in relation to that on the Earth?"
Grid Consciousness: “We can tell you more about the people like you, who are raising the vibrations. All of you suddenly reached another level. So in the past when you are seeing one level, when you are going up, raising higher and higher, you know it is almost ending and you feel how much you have progressed from the starting point, you can notice that, but once you go to the next level, suddenly you will feel all blank. And you have to find your way.

But while in the new level, don't compare it with the past levels.

Because now it's just a new one, but this new level is a much higher vibration, high... really really higher than before, from what you have all seen before. There is no need to go through those early lessons. Lets say, in the previous level, in a lower level than this one, you can compare because you learn and... you learn certain things, and you remember them and you get over them in time. So you raise your vibration and you felt that, but once you got to the new level you will suddenly be finding no reference points at all to compare. So this may look empty and void at first, but it's only because you are not in the new level so you don't need to have those controls that you had earlier, in the earlier levels.

Like, lets say... letting your ego go out of the way. But on the new level, you don't even have the ego, so there is no need to do that."

Painting by Sabine Wurz ©

Laron: “Does that apply to every single person, or those that have made the shift."
Grid Consciousness: “Those that made the shift, but ultimately all of you are going to make it, all those who came to raise the vibrations, all of them will meet it. Well, many of them in the other parts of the world, they are having this occur, but maybe some of them are not discussing it right now because suddenly they feel like this.

There will be this confusion as we told you before, that if you compare that you were in another level, ... yes, just like... imagine a curve going high. Lets say, lets call it level two. And there, you are in the right end very very high, you know the journey you made and you feel very good about it because you're rising high. But then suddenly you're on the third level and all the skills are different now, so you may... people may feel blank, or... there will be nothing to compare this experience to.

So just keep learning, as right now there is nothing to compare this to. It's only like collecting... right, collecting one thing because this is a new level. Keep gathering experiences until you find a pattern again. So in the beginning it will be a bit void, so there is no need to match it with the previous level. This will be the confusion right now. Trying to do things in the old way."

Laron: “Can you provide us with a time frame with what may occur in a more practical sense and in relation to what we may experience during these times?"
Grid Consciousness: {15-20 second pause} “So we... the reason we choose to focus on those who came to volunteer is because it all starts from them. So all of now, till the big shift that we once told you about, right, till January 2015.

So that big shift means these individuals reaching this level three. Lets call this level three. (Right now?) Yes. Reaching there is very... reaching there everything will change. And then there will be the changes on Earth. But this is the most important thing, the individual changes. Because the Earth, the planet Earth will change with or without this happening. (To individuals?) Yes, these individuals reaching this, reaching what we just called level three.

So, with or without this the Earth will change, but these changes are the things that are going to make a difference to see the Earth in the new way. (In the future?) Yes."

Laron: “Is there a level four?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, the level three will pass very quick. It's very fast. We don't know why we called it level three. Alright, it was easy to do. Level two was the one that... so if you want a comparison then... most of the normal people won't even reach level one. Then the others who reach level two... so you see, most people don't even reach the level one and those who past, a few of them, go to level two, mostly the volunteer souls will finish the level two and go to level three, almost now, by, we expect September, and by January there will be many of them going to level four very quick, because that is a very fast level.

Level three is the new kind of feeling on Earth, the new feeling because it doesn't match at all with level two. The previous levels starting from zero, one and two are sort of building on each other. So those things that you call... the emotions, the ego, lets say jealously, anger, and then other things like being happy, forgiveness.

But these are known things since level zero, level one, level two, the same things. But only when they rise they get better at doing these, and controlling them.

So rather, perhaps don't call it level three, its like going to a new place. Absolutely. Level three is like void of all... so those that finish level two, they are in this one now.

That is the shift.

And their... now... what experience, their new emotions and experiences. Their experiences are more now as creators. Alright?"

Laron: “Experience as creators, which level would that apply to?"
Grid Consciousness: “Level three. But... as we say, its not really the next level, alright? Level two, actually we would say that its like a new paradigm. All things are different now. We don't have to suppress the anger and this... because it's already... because those... anger and ego are absolutely gone, that's why many of you are in this one, the new one.

And this is the shift.

What should be a good name for this? Level three or... lets say a new... level four."

Laron: “What is the last level to complete the shift? Would that be level four?"
Grid Consciousness: “The current shift, yes, would be four. No... to complete the current shift on this Earth, (Yes) it would be this... {I hear counting out loud}... two more. The new one is that we call level three. Lets change the name to something. Because if we say zero, one, two and three, it means its sequential but its not. Three is just starting from a new plane, suddenly, as if you are moved to a new... a new world.

So it's not really the next level, it's shifted and started from something else. Whats easier to keep track of this, level three or... a new name?"

At this stage I just say to leave it as that for now and that it doesn't matter, just so we can move on with the session and not get too caught up with labels, I was thinking at the time. 

Grid Consciousness: “Alright, so finish level three there will be another one. Level four which will be very fast. (By February?) Yes, both of these."

Laron: “That should be the main changes during that period? (Yes) And then things will quieten down over time?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes. Meanwhile there will be earth changes which are not related to them at all. The shift means this shift. We mean, to us, the shift in consciousness. And this does not... the earth changes do not... influence this shift. (Is it coincidental?) Yes. But this shift will balance the earth changes later."

When I say quieten down above, I was referring to earth changes actually. So to make this clear, I believe the answer that came as a result of my last question, relates to the energies quietening down in connection to these sudden shifts in consciousness and vibration. What this means to me is that I would expect those who are sensitive to such changes will start to stabalise after January 2015, and not have many more unusual and extreme physical or energetic symptoms occurring. 

Laron: “Would that be because of the state of the global consciousness in connection with the state of the consciousness of the Earth?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes. Right."

The Earth Changes and a Pole Shift

Laron: “Can you tell us more about the Earth Changes?"
Grid Consciousness: “Well... many changes in society, geographically. By society we mean everything. politics, economics, human freedom, values of humans, in their lives."

Laron: “In relation to the physical changes such as earthquakes, can you tell us about that. What is to be expected then?"
Grid Consciousness: “All the earthquakes that you read about, or you were expecting, did they happen? As we see they won't happen, all of them. Because.... you have already... I mean, the raising vibrations of people, have already changed... already prevented many of the earthquakes. So its going very good."

I know some of you, if not many of you, want some solid answers around this. So I keep pushing the question as I feel it's not being answered fully enough.

Laron: “Is there meant to be mandatory ones by February?"
Grid Consciousness: {15 second pause} “Not anymore. There were some before... this is August. Now is August. (Yes) Only one more, in September. Mandatory one. Perhaps around September 14th. (Will that be a big one) Looks like... unless somebody changes it in a good way. (If that changes, the shift will not be impacted, it will still go on?) Right."

Again, I still want more information around this so I keep on pushing the questions, but this time from another angle. With relation to what is said about changing it in a good way, one of the changes this refers to could be people coming together in a large group based meditation with a focus on stopping this. It could also relate to a situation of people knowing about the location and placing crystals in the ground to stabalise that area. But these are just a few guesses here of what I have learnt about how volunteers and 'light workers' go about assisting with these times.

Laron: “In connection to what I am expecting with the pulse, the shaking of the Earth, can you tell us about that? {I expand on the question after being asked more about what I mean} 
Grid Consciousness: “Alright, yes, that is related, very related with this."

Laron: “What is the timing for that event to occur?"
Grid Consciousness: {10 second pause} “We see that it was... was it supposed to be in July? We see that in July."

Laron: “You said the shift was delayed by two months, and I was going by May, plus a year, so that would have made it July, so that may have then meant it should have been in July"
Grid Consciousness: It seems October, very early October. But after September the 14th. (Not before?) We are looking at some things written on Earth, and it was written as July. But it’s happening. We think that many, many times, people are expecting something physically strong to happen on Earth. It's not happening that way because of a lot of the volunteers, who are working so well. So basically, the volunteers are stopping the disasters from occurring. But also for the same reason, the whole thing is going very good — the shift. And it could also be that only the people on Earth realise the shift is occurring when the Cloud goes through the Galactic Center, because it’s not as physical as people think, as people expect on Earth. It will be in their consciousness."

Laron: “Will there still be an event that people will notice, such as a global simultaneous shaking? Will that still occur?"
Grid Consciousness: {20 second pause} “There will be, but not... simultaneous enough that it happens all over, so that everybody agrees to it. Not like that. It will happen with breaks in between. (Will it be earthquake related?) Yes, sometimes. (What else will happen during that time?) Well, earthquake related and the Sun, the stars will change places. It will look like they have changed places, but actually it will be the Earth that moved."

Laron: “Will there be a pole shift as well?"
Grid Consciousness: “Possible, but... like, exactly opposite movements, or?"

I then explain what I am referring to with my definition of a pole shift. I explain that I mean the sudden movement of the magnetic pole from where its currently located, not a reversal where the north and south swaps and not a crustal displacement.

Laron: “What is the timing for that event to occur?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, that is what will happen, a pole shift. It has already moved a lot. (Will there be a larger one?) Yes, a larger one. (And that will be noticeable?) Noticeable by people like you, but others will ignore, as they do. (Because the effects won't be big? Otherwise everyone would notice it I would think?)

Well, the effects are not small now also, its just that the people don't... not people, everybody, most people do... but because of the social structure that you have, there are still people who still want... who waits for... we see people who still want unanimous reports. (Such as through the Government or the Media?) Yes. And so they don't, so the others take away their focus from there, so they don't notice it anymore.

The pole shift is happening already, a lot, with a few degrees. A lot over time.

When it is said that 'the others take away their focus', this would refer to the cabal/dark forces trying to distract the populace by creating large events in the world and then directing the controlled main stream media to covering those events, as one example of what this likely means.

Laron: “Do you know what degree it will finally shift with, all of a sudden?"
Grid Consciousness: “Since 2008 until today, there could have been almost 8-9 degree shift for both the north and south poles. If there is a bigger one, it will be sudden and it will be 5-6 degrees."

Laron: “So there won't be any physical changes when that happens? There won't be any tsunami's or anything?"
Grid Consciousness: “There will be tsunamis. (Smaller than what was expected?) No, quite big. The tsunami will be quite strong and there will be holes in the Earth suddenly. (Sink holes?) Yes. And nobody will say that was the reason."

Laron: “What is the timing for that?"
Grid Consciousness: “Many of them were supposed to happen before July 2014. That is the record. (Will it be by February, 2015?) Yes. (After September 14?) Perhaps before, starting from now. The pole shift will not effect the shift in consciousness. (It's not directly connected?) It's not. The shift in consciousness is the most important shift."

Prithvi Mata, Nibiru & G2 Cloud

Laron: “The Earth's consciousness, is that part of the individual shift or is that more connected with the physical changes on the Earth as it raises. As I understand it, the Earths' consciousness is also raising."
Grid Consciousness: “The Earth's consciousness is the Earth's consciousness. But it gets aggravated by individual thoughts. Yes, so... many damages sometimes happen on Earth because of the human thoughts. "

Laron: “As in the Earth reacting through quakes?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes. We can say that there are some invisible bodies, body means... like, you call them planets. (Planetary bodies?) Yes. There are some dark ones which can not be seen with normal.. you need special..."

Laron: “Not moons? Planets? (Yes, planets) Do they have a name like a dwarf star?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, dwarf star. There is the one that people call Nibiru. I mean, whichever they mean with that... that has been here for a while. It's there.

Laron: “What is the connection of those dark objects with relation to what's going on?"
Grid Consciousness: “Well, this one is... it brought consciousness, shifts in the consciousness of humans. This dark planet. (What dark one?) What you call dwarf... or the Nibiru. There is one only, one specific one. Lets call it Nibiru as that's the name we get, or you can call it a dwarf star. It's dark, so you can not see it anymore. It's all.. burnt. It has been here a long time. Since... well, it has been nearing... it could be seen with special glasses since the end of 2008.

Only no one is showing it. It is there... it is close. The main purpose of it is not to destroy Earth, that some people thought. The main purpose is that it brings consciousness also. Planets always effect the human mind."

Laron: “Is that for individuals? (Yes) Is it part of the shift?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, part of the shift. (As well as Cloud G2) Yes. (A combination?) Yes."

Laron: “So when all the energies are coming in, they are coming from the Galactic Center, that is one source isn't it? (Yes) And Nibiru is another or is it more like a gravitational effect like the moon, such as how Astrology functions?"
Grid Consciousness: “We see the Nibiru as first creating, in the human minds, as what you call depression, or the beginning of the huge shift in the collective shift, the cause is by Nibiru. It is the one that made ordinary humans, materialistic humans, to think what is the purpose of life. (It triggered?) Yes, it triggered all the things, even to the person who never has any spirituality, even to them. So Nibiru is the physical trigger to shake their belief system, to question... that what are they doing on Earth? What are they doing with the person they married, if they are married? Why? So it questions. So people suddenly started to look at things differently.

So after that, all the raising of questions, this was facilitated by the Nibiru. And the Cloud G2 will provide new wisdom after the shift. (The energies as a result?) Yes. (Will provide new wisdom?) Yes. (After the shift?) During the shift."

Laron: “Does Nibiru come in cycles? (Yes) Is that based on the Astrological Age cycles? (Yes) Is that every 25,000 years?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, the one that you had in that calendar for civilisation. (Mayan) Yes."

Laron: “When was the last time it was impacting the Earth roughly?"
Grid Consciousness: “It was 25,000 years ago. A long time before."

Laron: “Does Nibiru relate at all to the physical earth changes such as the quakes, or is that something separate?"
Grid Consciousness: “What people say, that Nibiru is going to cause the earthquakes, its rather the opposite. Nibiru is actually balancing the Earth, otherwise the Earth would tilt a lot more if Nibiru was not here."

Laron: “So it only has a positive impact?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes."

Laron: “What causes the Earth to tilt in the first place. So if Nibiru wasn't here, what is the cause of those other changes with the Earth? Is the Galactic Alignment part of this?"
Grid Consciousness: {About a minute delay} “Yes. We see other planets also are aligning and having shifts. If everybody monitored, they would know. (Universe or solar system) Other solar systems are also now aligning."

Prithvi Mata is Sanskrit  for 'Mother Earth'. 

Note that I have always felt very strongly that nothing said about Nibiru resonated with me and that it was very inaccurate, all the negative and fear based information out there in relation to it. But what was explained above resonates with me and just feels right. 

The Shift and the third consciousness level

Laron: “This period of time is meant to be very rare, very unique. So I am just wondering. There are parts of this that happen every 25,000 years, as part of the cycle, but there seems to be something else going on which makes this time period very rare."
Grid Consciousness: “This is the first time that... this is special because of the humans on Earth. This is the first time that... okay, this time there is multiple things that are different from the other 25,000 year cycle. One is the Earth, this time it wants to change also, the Earth it self. This time the Earth wants to separate. Lets find the right word... (split? in relation to the 'New Earth'?) Yes.

This is the first time humans, while being on Earth, are shifting to a higher dimension. In the past one, after these kind of cycles, we see that there was huge destruction and a restart of civilisation. In the past a few of them left before the cycle happened and this time... humans will move, not be destroyed. (Are you talking about Atlantis) Yes, that could be the one. There are some other civilisations also. (Lemuria?) Yes. And the Mayan's and some more from South America. (So it's happened a number of times in different time periods?) Yes, a group of humans have moved to a higher dimension, but this one is a huge one, so many are going to move and the Earth wants to move it self. That is the difference."

Laron: “When you say the people move, what do you mean?"
Grid Consciousness: “In the past the people died. (Because of the physical earth changes?) Yes, and this time there will not be deaths because many of them will move together. (Move as in consciously, in relation to those levels you were talking about earlier?) Yes."

Laron: “What about those who are said to move to a new Earth. Is that what you mean, or is that also something separate. Are people going to move off somewhere else or are they still staying here? For example, Dolores Cannon mentions that people are going to shift to the new Earth and the way its explained is that its located somewhere else, vibrationally speaking, and its separate to the Earth, is that also part of the situation going on?"
Grid Consciousness: “Right now, yes. In the past it was not like this. Right now yes, the Earth wants to move to a higher vibration and there are many people that will move with the Earth to a higher vibration. And in the past, those civilisations, before the... Earth changed physically, some of them moved knowing that. They worked harder and they moved before that.

And then the rest who didn't move died. Civilisation got restarted, reset. This time the people will move together with the Earth and split."

Laron: “How many people do you think that would be?"
Grid Consciousness: “More than one hundred thousand, but less than two hundred thousand."

Laron: “What would the timing be for that?"
Grid Consciousness: “We can see between 2014 to 2018."

Laron: “So that is kind of a separate process to what you were talking about earlier where consciousness is also changing for those that remain here and don't move, is that what you mean, that move with that shift. Does this relate to those people or is it a combination?"
Grid Consciousness: “Well, the ones that will move to the new Earth, they will shift, their consciousness will shift."

Laron: “So all of those would have reached level four most likely then?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, by February 2015 they will be level four. (As in consciousness?) Yes."

Painting by Sabine Wurz ©

Laron: “How will people make that move? What are the different ways, for the 100,000 or so... what are the different practical ways they will move?"
Grid Consciousness: “Right now it's only those who finish the level three and level four, by February 2015. After that they will make that move.

The first step is the level three, where we said that its really new for everyone. It will be different feelings, so wait until you start to get the pattern, the understanding. Because human always do things... lets say they do ten things, one, two three four, five, six, seven, eight, nine ten, and then they find a pattern and then if the eleventh thing is similar to the third thing, they do it a similar way. Like that.

So in level three, everything is new. So they have to wait until they find this pattern. Level zero, one and two, it was the same things but in level zero they were in a different vibration, but dealing with the same things. In level one they learnt more how to deal with all these things, and level two was about controlling and maintaining that. Those that finished it, suddenly they were on level three where everything is blank and now their experience is the creation one.

Because in level zero, one, two, they had something they didn't want. Well, there was this... negative positive, like this. Like two things of everything. So they knew the negative thing and they found a way how to go to the positive thing. So in the level three, it's not like that anymore. So often they will be blank because now they don't need a negative to resist to it, to go to the positive, because now it's blank. So it's direct creation through their mind. But they are often used to meeting a contrast and then creating the thing they desire.

But now there won't be a contrast. There will be a contrast as soon as they have created. So it's going to be a challenge at first."

Laron: “So they need to find that pattern to move onto the next level?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, level three is everything about understanding the power of creation through their mind. (Manifesting their future?) Yes, right. Manifesting the future, maybe not everything will be manifested physically. They will think a thought, it will start manifesting in their mind. (It will be more powerful because they have reached that level?) Yes, so they will have a challenge at first because if they think of a bit of a negative thing, it will be created, so they will have to know they have created it.

Because humans are used to doing something, something unwanted happens to them, then they have a strong will to finish and do something so that that unwanted thing never happens again. It's always driven by contrast, facing a difficult situation.

Now in level three, if they wait for a difficult situation, the situation will be only difficult because they have to know they are creating it. So that will be a common problem because they will first not see anything negative. They might create it and then they will start fighting it."

With a question above, I was aiming at finding answers around the ways that humans would physically / practically move on, those who were making the shift later on, and I didn't get the answers I was expecting.  I then moved on in this direction of questioning below, as then I would cover a number of questions all at the same time.

Changes to the Plan

Laron: “Are you able to tell us if Lai and Laron will remain with the Earth or move on."
Grid Consciousness: “To the new Earth? (Yes) They will move on to the new Earth. (By 2018?) Yes, that will be physically moving on."

Laron: “That was explained already about the crafts, by being picked up, is that right?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, there are some changes now in that plan. The last time we talked about this, there was some huge disasters which were supposed to happen. In that case the crafts would come and pick you up. Since then, everybody has done very well and the shift is going on well. So many of the disasters are stopped. So right now the crafts will not be necessary.

But then... okay, so if the Earth this year, before 2015, has a big physical disaster, then quickly the crafts would pick up some people, in that way. Urgently. But now this will be in a different way."

Laron: “If that is the case, would it just be volunteer souls that would be picked up, or would it be a combination?" 
Grid Consciousness: “A combination. Those that have reached the level. (The 4th, or 3rd and 4th) The third level. Because the time we talked with you previously, you were expected to only reach the third level. But now others have reached the third level and now the fourth in the future. The fourth will be very soon. The difficulty will be the third, as it's a different paradigm. There is no need to fight anything, just create. Just creation."

Laron: “Instead of being picked up by the craft, how would we move on now. What is the process?"
Grid Consciousness: “It's also being picked up by the craft now. Now it's not suddenly coming and picking you up.. it's a slower process."

While I was taking a moment to decide where to go next, the Grid Consciousnesses jumped in and said that they are concerned about the level three consciousness state of people, without me having to ask another question.

Back to the third consciousness level

Grid Consciousness: “Level three is very important. We are concerned about this one, with Lai also."

Laron: “Do you want to give us some information on that now, but not only for Lai, for everybody."
Grid Consciousness: “Yes. There definitely have been people in the past, on Earth, who have done these levels, but very few people. They have created and manifested, they even created ways where ways didn't exist. Roads. Just for their travel.

General tips - search from your books or other sources about past manifesters. They might be known as some kind of masters and they may not be mainly known for their manifestation.

All the books written at the moment which you can get, are focused more on level zero, one and two, about how to stay away from the ego and the negative emotions. Level two is where this is more so being practiced. Most books are more focused on all of that, but try to find the manifestation teachings from those masters.

Laron: “Do you mean this is more about us using affirmations, having good intentions and using thought forms to wish in what we want to occur in the future? Is that what this is about?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, more than affirmations. Well, affirmations are a good thing, but its the... somebody might be saying an affirmation, but feeling something else. So its really to understanding those feelings... not really feelings, but to understand the vibration. Is the heart vibrating in the sense of missing something or achieving something? Or... in the lack.

Is the heart vibrating in the lacking vibration, or not, because sometimes people are doing affirmations and they may say that they saw a movie today, and that is why they are happy. But are they really happy if they had not done that action?

It's the being inside you, where is it vibrating? Because if its vibrating in the joy and completeness, from there, the affirmation will work instantly."

Painting by Sabine Wurz ©

Laron: “It's about believing as well?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, well, more than belief now. Now it's more than just belief in level three. It has to be more than believing, it's like knowing. Knowing that there is only this, but not by force. So you have to reach to that somehow."

Laron: “So it's different to faith? Because sometimes you just 'know'?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yeah, because faith and belief is useful when you're seeing something else around and you're holding to that belief, and this is the part that you won't even see anything around then. The tips are that - Try to understand the different vibrations of the heart, because these will be hard to explain in relation to the previous known emotions.

And one thing that helps that we see, is connecting with the Earth. (Grounding?) Yes, grounding. But now, the power of grounding now is so much different than it was before because the Earth is shifting, so it will give all the knowledge now, those that ground with the Earth. Try to create roots for your self, deep inside the Earth. Imagine there are roots. (Visualise?) Yes. (Is that because of the Earth also shifting?) Yes, and the Earth is doing it very well."

Laron: “It's doing it easier than individuals? (Yes) It's more natural?"
Grid Consciousness: “Yes, the Earth is very clear because the spirit of the Earth wanted to do this. This is the first time, the spirit is doing this. And the Earth prepared for this. (For a long time?) Yes.

Laron: “Is there anything else there for you to tell us about this?"
Grid Consciousness: “Ask questions. This has to be done by the heart. So even that you are fully happy, right now, check the vibration in the heart. What is it saying? Because you are not familiar to this, vibrations, because in the past you had the other duality feelings, the happy, sadness, guilt, pride, jealousy and so on. So there were those, so right now on Earth, every human almost knows. So the new vibrations you have to learn about. There is no duality here.

There would be a vibration of lacking and the other one would be contentment. One would feel like connected, the other would feel like disconnected. There would be two vibrations, mainly. Though there can be degrees of this.

Laron: “So those two vibrations would be taking over from the different egos? (Exactly) For those that have reached level three and level four? Or is level four a different thing altogether?"
Grid Consciousness: “It's a different thing altogether. That will be more about manifesting physically. (We don't need to be so concerned about that now?) No, level three is the key. Level four will be like the buffer of time that takes place between the thing that you create, until it becomes a physical reality.

You have to pay a lot of attention with the heart. The difficulty in level three is that you can not switch instantly from one to another. So just keep intending to switch and go through the feeling like disconnected, or feeling very connected."

* * *

That is all the information that came through in direct relation to the shift in consciousness during the two sessions. Part 5 will be a much longer article combining most of the remainder of this session and most of the first session in the morning on that day.

I plan to follow up on the information provided in this session in relation to the third and fourth levels and possibly post future articles about this and build upon the techniques and related info. The fourth level seems to be directly connected to the third though, and the third is what should be the focus for those... interested in exploring this.

Please feel free to ask questions if there is anything that is not clear within the above information and I will do my best to provide an answer, and if I can not, I will find that answer the next time I catch up with Lai.

A lot of my time has been taken up in relation to organising , conducting and writing up this session. If you happen to feel compelled to support my efforts and work here, then you could do so with a donation via Bitcoin or Paypal through this link. All contributions directly help me with continuing on with what I do here in relation to, including the time I spend when helping people who contact me directly.

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Editor of, Laron is an In-Between Life / Past Life Therapist and Energetic Healer currently based in Sydney, Australia. One passion of Laron's is to expand the consciousness of others through presenting and sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer, so we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master and certified Crystal Healer. You can find Laron on Facebook.

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Thanks Laron for the article.May God Bless You.

Andy said...

Thank you so much, Laron. Can you clarify at all what he means by focusing on the heart and connecting and disconnecting as the path to level 3? I truly appreciate your work and time

danilo verticelli said...

The same old story of the few "elected" ones versus the totality of "still inadequate" people who can't rise to the "lected" level?
100.000 vs 6,9 billions?
It remembers me the Jehovah's Witnesses and their 144.000 (actually between 100k and 200k as well) elected...

To be honest a good page until this unbelievable numbering of people.
But this time we are all together. Neither chosen, nor elected. Or we all or none.

January 2015. Let's check it out this date and the months in the between. All of this can be reliable, but when people are considered not enough skilled to change in mass.
Not in my name, anyway.
Things will be very different, I am sorry, and none wiould care about some 100k rising in some invisible "level". So what? Is this the "game"?
25000 years to graduate 100k of people among 7 billions? Come on.

We'll see.

p.s.: as far as Nibiru is considered by the source, anyway we don't have particular lenses to verify its presence and any gravity effects are affecting the earth, we cannot forget that it has been the planet who brought here the Annunaki and it still hosts them, as far as Inelia Benz stated two months ago.
So, to state that its presumable presence is helping the earth seems like a little bit too...hard to assert in the lack of any physical or other kind of proofs. Isn't it? To trust or not to trust, as usual.

In the between some people who believe and some other who don't believe in these words. And both them feeling inadequate to hold on this game of predictions as they, both the cases, don't lead to any nice scenario.

Sorry Laron for my critics. You see, I don't comment often. Only the most important posts. Discard my comments if they do trouble this wall.

Maunagarjana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maunagarjana said...

Yeah, the 100,000 to 200,000 number seems low to me. That's about .002% of the global population.

Rainbow Warrior said...

Since there are so few people making the shift, what happens to the BILLIONS of other people? Based on these numbers, I'd have to assume that everyone I love and care about will NOT be making the shift, possibly including myself. Will we just continue our lives on the old Earth in the same paradigm of corruption and control until we finally die from whatever causes we originally planned? I feel more confused now than I was before! Thank you!

gpchicken said...

144,000 is not just JWs. Comes from 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes

moosehead711 said...

This is my first time posting. I'd like to say thank you to Laron and to Lai for taking the time to do this and especially to Laron for the immense amount of work he's done in sharing it with us. But I cannot be more depressed by the information given. I will without a doubt be one of the billions of people left behind. I have been following all the shift blogs I can find using them as a lifeline of hope for my future, and for the future of my "sleeping" family and all other repressed individuals on the planet because I thought that they would be awakened by the pulse or the shift or the earth changes. I was looking forward to the mean people going away, I was hoping we would stop being taxed to death and used as slaves and I thought everyone on earth would have the life that brought them the most joy. I thought we would see happy stories in the news instead of all the horrible things we hear about and I was looking forward to knowing all people on the planet were happy and content in their lives. But now I've just been told that nothing is going to change, I will still live in "the pit of despair" back on the old earth. I am crushed, absolutely and positively flat spattered into tiny little pieces of dust. Every speck of hope for a better life has just been ripped out of my heart. I don't mean any offense to anyone moving on, I hope they are all happy in the new earth, but man oh man I am completely, totally and utterly shattered by this post.

danilo verticelli said...

Indeed, 144.000 is not a symbolic number beginning with those people (JWs) but it is belonging to their cult. I can't help it. But it was just a symbol, an example. Just a way to point out that these numbers sometimes are recurring in the beliefs and, sorry, what I read here, in this interesting and useful blog by Laron ends to be a concept quite similar.
What the heck could I care if some more of 100k people will leave this dimension for the New Earth? So what? They are less than the number of inhabitants of my town (exactly around 166.000). They are, more or less, the same number of people dying every day in the world. They also leave this dimension. Everyday.
Why I am so interested in this number so? Because whereas the rest of the channeling (or what it is) could have some reliability or, at least, it could be considered serious, on the other side, both for that number and for the description of "Nibiru", in my humble opinion, it leave me a bit unsure of what I am reading. Especially if in the next page of this same blog I read the Knock Knock poem, much more catastrophic but as well inherent the same period of time next to come.
Just for a better comprehension of what we read.

Kat Bayer said...

I think it's a mistake to think that we are individual beings, where some will perish and others will survive. To me, that appears to be ego-generated thinking -- "what about me? what about them?" It's difficult to trust "thoughts" from our limited earthly/ physical perspective. What if... we are all connected? What if the 100,000 is "all of us" after the weeds of our collective being have been "removed." What if all those billions of "people/souls" are really other parts of ourselves that have taken on a life of their own through our own duality/divisions in consciousness? I think it's important to let new information "sit" in non-judgment until we have the ability to grasp it's reality.

Tyche1 said...

Thanks for the perspective Kat! I found this session to be most practical. We can 'feel' our way through these times by staying in touch with the vibration, if you will, of our heart chakra/soul/whatever one wishes to call it. The grid stated at one point that the paradigm changes. When I read that I got an image of the different perspective of someone standing on the floor of a canyon versus a person standing on a mountaintop. The view would be radically different! Maybe we shouldn't take the numbers (100,000 or so) too literally. As Kat says, what if we are all connected?

Rachelle said...

I understand the feelings and concerns posted here. I believe this article is a wonderful opportunity to use our gift of discernment. Remember, we are all physical expressions of the divine...there is no way that anyone will be "lost" or left behind. We came here to have these experiences of duality and to be fully immersed in fear and fear-based emotions. Our purpose is to overcome our fear and remember who we truly are...physical incarnations of the Godspark. Any information or situations that bring our fears to the forefront could be viewed as beautiful gifts as they give us the opportunity to stand in our own truth from a place of balance, our true center. In my experience, the scariest experiences are the ones that have produced the most profound changes within myself. Any time we look to someone/something outside ourselves (where God lives) to "save" us..we are not truly remembering who we are. So take heart!!! Let's become the observer of our feelings and emotions and find out what it is we are truly afraid of...then acknowledge it, heal it, and release it. Each soul is on their own journey and no two will be exactly the same...each will have what is needed for their progression. True peace comes when we fully understand this concept as it releases all fear regarding our physical beings, our loved ones,and all the other souls on this planet. Remember your power and stand strong in your light. The way to raise your vibration is to hold fast in the face of not let anything or anyone move you from your place of peace, love, and balance. This is how the world soul standing in their truth with their energy blending with all the others standing in their own truths. This is how the collective consciousness is raised. Everything is a matter of perception. In the immortal words of Bob Marley..."don't happy....every little thing's gonna be alright..." Much peace and love to you all!!

Maunagarjana said...

That's a good point about all the people who are already on the other side and more going there every day. That number range seems to be talking about the people still alive at the time of the shift. You also have to factor in that most of the ET souls/volunteers/starseeds/wanderers (whatever you prefer to call them) will be going back wherever they came from, and there may well be millions of them here. It still seems small compared to the overall population.

Whatever the case, whether I or my loved ones "make the cut" (so to speak) I will just keep doing what I'm doing, regardless. What's another 25,000 year cycle in 3d when you have eternity to play around in anyway? And really, 3d Earth wouldn't have been so bad had it not been for some very bad events during the time of Atlantis that took us from being on the verge of becoming a galactic civilization to having to start over from square one with lots of opportunistic ET manipulation going on. Maybe it won't be like that next 3d cycle.

CycyMiss94 said...

I love this part:

“And it could also be that... that only they {they as in people on Earth} realise the shift, when the Cloud goes through the Galactic Center, because it’s not as physical as people think, as people expect on Earth. It will be in their consciousness.”

It resonates with me because I don’t believe that the super wave will trigger physical changes, such as earthquakes or tsunamis. I think it will clean the etheric and astral planes with a “light pulse”. It will no longer be possible for the cabal to brainwash people because their mind will be bathed in a constant “light shower”. People will think more positively and it will be such a relief.

I believe this is what the cabal is so afraid of and why they tried to delay it again and again…


Maunagarjana said...

Thank you to Laron and to Lai for doing this and sharing it with us. <ॐ

Maunagarjana said...

Yes, Kat, the thought had occurred to me that the number range was speaking more of oversouls, or even group oversouls. But it doesn't say that explicitly.

Laron said...

Andy, this will take me some time to properly respond to and I will get back to you about this and also those who have emailed me with exactly the same line of questioning.

I had a feeling that I should try and connect in and see if I can receive messages directly from the grid in relation to this, so I may also give that a go. But something to look into for anyone who wants to, is the information on manifestation as taught by various spiritual teachers through their material out there, as mentioned in the session. said...

"Because the Spirit of the Earth wanted to do this."
That is a powerful statement!

Laron Fereira said...


If fear comes up for you, you need to focus on why that fear is there. What are you really afraid of here? What is causing this fear? Are your expectations based around your knowledge, beliefs and current understanding failing to be met? What is that deep down reason?

This may be a wake up call for you to start thinking about what is really important for you as an individual and you being an individual is what this is really about. What direction do you want to go in and are you able to go in that direction based on your current circumstances? What stands out to you as being important right now? What changes do you need to make?

The awakening is going on now, its already started, and its impacting everyone. The degree of that awakening in the future is going to be either very low, or very high, depending on the individual. This can be looked at as a separate situation to the mention around those numbers who will actually make that more physical journey. But this period in history is very unique, as explained in this article, and throughout the posts and re-posts I have made here in relation to the energies coming into Earth and all other matters relating to this situation.

Up until very recently I have felt such a great sense of responsibility in relation to what I post on this site, and I don't only mean what I create and write personally. What I put on here most of the time, has been based upon my own opinions around what I believe is truthful, and likely real in relation to information, including the esoteric based info. There is a lot of information I don't post / re-post because I don't believe it's reliable or accurate. For example, there is a good reason why I have never posted any material from Cobra. While I will continue on for now doing just that, posting what I believe is most likely the truth unless started otherwise, I no longer feel that same level of responsibility.

All this information highly resonates with me, that was discussed above. There is nothing unusual about it for me and the number provided in relation to the new earth shift is somewhat similar to what I was expecting, as I knew it was a very low number in comparison to the population of the Earth based on my own personal research and intuition about it.

A question was asked, what happens to the billions of other people? They are shifting in their own unique ways, as individuals, and the degrees of that will vary. 'This is the shift' it was said. What this means to me is that many people are awakening and taking advantage of this opportunity, this influence coming down from above with those energies, and the World is changing along with the vibrations rising. Each of us will perceive what we perceive based upon our current state and progress during this shift. The levels discussed apply to everyone, not just that number. That number in relation to the 'new earth', is very unimportant in my opinion as there is so much more going on.

Laron Fereira said...

{continued from above} From my perspective when looking in on this information in the session included above, this article and information is aimed more at those who want to take advantage of these times in relation to spiritual growth, but also those volunteer souls and the others who have reached a certain level of spiritual progress. There are other areas which were not discussed, which would relate to a larger number of people in relation to the consciousness shift going on for everybody. No one is going to be left out. The Earth and humanity is changing on a global scale... and while that aspect was not talked about as directly, it still interconnects in with this information.

While the common saying around here of late has been that each of you are where you are meant to be, this life right now is an opportunity to make the most of this very special time and one way to look at it, this period of time, is that short cuts in relation to spirituality, can be taken.

But what does spirituality actually mean to you? As that is an important question and it will determine your view, perspective and understanding of not only this new information, but the combination of all information that you have come to understand in relation to 'the shift'.

When the word 'vibration' has been used by Dolores Cannon, what I believe this is referring to is the spirituality level and progress of the individual, as discussed in the article above based on the concept around those levels.

Progression on a spiritual level takes time when we are in this realty, here. This is the system. Every single soul has chosen to be here during this point in time. They have their life contract, they planned to go down specific paths and agreed to get into certain situations, with their free will of course and choices, but with a lot of guidance from the other side trying to make sure they are fulfilling their path, so that they can learn, grow and progress spiritually. A higher aspect of each individuals soul requires these experiences and this is what reincarnation on Earth is about so that many experiences can occur. You can not just jump from the bottom of the ladder to the top and make this 'new earth' shift, you need to be at a certain height on that ladder to be able to do that.

But this period of time is pushing individuals up a bit higher on that ladder, based on the many influences and energies coming in, and it's helping them progress in a faster way than ever before. This doesn't mean they are all suddenly going to reach the top during this period of time, but its a very positive thing. It's a very exciting time and these next six months seem to be a very important time period in relation to the consciousness based changes.

There is nothing to be fearful of here or be worried about. You will not miss the boat because you failed to get a ticket to this 'new earth'. There is so much more going on outside of that situation. Because of how time functions here, it can be very difficult, I know that. Trust me, I really know that. You would be surprised with what I have had to go through in my life up until this point. I can understand those strong feelings some of you may have of wanting to have change, change right now... and wanting to escape situations and move on away to somewhere better, somewhere easier, somewhere more peaceful. That makes perfect sense for some of you to have those feelings.

We have a group distant healing session in just over 24 hours time from the time of this comment. Feel free to join it if you have seen this by then. You don't have to let us know if you will be there for this one, just tune in. And the timing is not important if you are early or late with the session.

Rainbow Warrior said...

Thank you, Laron! You always know how to explain things in a way that gives deeper understanding. I do know that I am right where I am supposed to be and am given confirmations to that on a daily basis. I will keep faith that all will work out in the end. I am certain I am not ready to progress to a higher level but I do hope the crimes against humanity and earth will cease so that we can really see what human ingenuity is capable of. I hope for a better life for all of humanity. I really don't think that's too much to ask for! I definitely see more people awakening and I'm thrilled to be here in such a time of progressive social upheaval. Laron, I know how much of your heart you put into this work and for that I am grateful to have crossed (virtual) paths with you. :)

Sunny Jauhal said...

Thank you Laron and Lai. Your insight and posts have always resonated with me. Regardless of where I am on the ladder of spirituality, I have made drastic changes to my life during my spiritual journey. And your site has always been a trusted, unbiased source of knowledge.

Laron said...

RW, for me, a big part of the shift for those who will continue to be here, is seeing those responsible for such crimes including the fear and all the control mechanisms (cabal, dark forces, etc), being removed and loosing their positions of power and control. This may not happen as quickly as some people expect or hope, but this is a major part of the changes here.

Keep an eye on Russia and how they may lead the way in relation to the positive future development of the rest of the larger scale countries globally, and humankind in general, long term. They have a good understanding now of what is going on in the world and they don't seem to have any controls above the presidential level impacting decisions.

For anyone wanting to get a picture of the long term future, the best source I know of is the ALTA reports provided by Clif High via the webbot. If you take into consideration the positive changes going on with relation to the future and the lack of earth based changes so far, and then see when examining reports from the long term past after that (not recent ones), you can get a picture of what is to come. As his original reports were based upon a future that was bleak, because of the low global consciousness based vibration, which required the more drastic earth changes. That doesn't mean everything else that came up is not going to occur though.

The ... loss of life that may have been required and which is no longer required to that degree, this just shows that the changes at those higher levels(government, corruption, etc) are coming and will happen, otherwise things are/would have turned out differently by now. That... reset which has occurred to past civilisations is not required and it does seem like all these volunteer souls, and when I say that right now I also include the regular souls who have chosen to dedicate their experience this time around to help out, have made a big difference.

moosehead711 said...

Please let me apologize for my introductory break down and explain. I thought that all of Earth along with all inhabitants were going to shift together. So when I learned only a tiny fraction were moving, I flipped. But did I mis-interpret it? Could it be that all of Earth and her inhabitants are moving up a dimension and that there will be a new earth a few will go to?

But here’s a question. “If we are all in the place we should be, then why are only the spiritual chosen to move?” We live in a communal society. We need bakers, carpenters, farmers and distributors as well as artists, intellectuals, doctors and explorers. So why would only the spiritual move on?

We can't all be highly spiritual people. Laron works full time in his spiritual work, but what if our farmers or doctors spent as much time being spiritual instead of tending to their jobs?

More questions I have are, “Will the evil of Earth be gone after the shift?” and “What will life be like for the billions left on Earth after the pulse?” Because wasn’t the purpose of the pulse to clear Earth of darkness and evil?

I apologize again, and want Laron to know that this is one of my all time favorite sites because of the relativity and volume of the information. I appreciate all the work you do to share this information with us.

Laron said...

Moose, the consciousness shift is occurring for everyone, but with varying degrees depending on each individual. The difference this time around is that its received a boost, where normally it takes a lot longer for individuals to progress. It does seem that the main time period for this to occur will be over the next six months or so, but the greater changes are likely to be before the end of the year. But, in that regard and in a more practical sense, people are going to keep living their lives and doing exactly what they are doing while this goes on, but, because of the changes of consciousness going around, life will change gradually over time for the better, spiritually speaking and in turn thats connected to peoples health, well being, the way of living and so on.

That's how I see it. I would not come out and say that all life and the physical earth that remains, are moving all the way to the 4th dimensional existence connected into elements of the 5th, but the vibrations and the lifting of the veil is going to be enough for Earth to be interacting much more with the 4th and 5th dimensions, than ever before.

When I mentioned the reports from the webbot in my last comment, those reports are showing our World now, with the many changes that go on in the future... and those changes are not showing that suddenly all people have disappeared and shifted. If that was the case, I would suspect the webbot would see that or an anomaly around that. I am not going by the webbot when I talk about all this though, but that is useful to refer to right now to explain this.

This is how life has always functioned, the system of life, where those who reach a certain level of spirituality no longer need to continue to experience additional future lives on Earth. Those souls of Earth move into other roles in other centers. Common roles that people on Earth know about are those roles, such as acting as a spirit guide for future souls incarnating on Earth. Becoming teachers in the spiritual center connected to the Earth experience. Becoming navigators or guides for those that travel around and so on, there are many roles that people can move into after an Earth life. (I should not use the term people here though) There are opportunities to have other lives on other planets if that is required/wanted/chosen upon. So you asked, why are only the spiritual chosen to move? The location of this new earth is in a higher dimensional location, so in a technical sense vibrationally speaking, only those that meet the vibration can actually move there in the first place. There are volunteer souls that came that already met that vibration as some were very advanced before coming here, so that makes it a lot easier for them to make that shift, or simply to return to where they were from.

So when you are told you are where you are meant to be, you really are. Each of your lives were chosen to occur the way they have occurred before coming into this life. Some larger degrees of change for individuals would have occurred that was not expected, perhaps very positive degrees or perhaps not so positive. But what I am saying here is that if the person is a full time farmer, doctor and so on, then that is what they wanted to be during this time period. Some people have the energy and consciousness / ability, to not only do those jobs, but to work on themselves spiritually as well. This is another choice or goal that would have been set for this life time, if that was the case. Asking questions is the first step, reading all this here on this article and in these comments can be a first step, or it can be a step down a long line of steps the person has taken already.

Laron said...

{continued}For some people that work as a farmer and who may also work on their spirituality on the side, they will be at a vibrational stage based upon past experiences lived on Earth already. The number of those and the progress they made in each of those, will determine where they are at right now. They may have progressed enough so that they can move on to this new earth, or they may need to have more time to keep on with the work. And this is not just as simple as meditating,

-being in the moment without thinking about the past/future/present as much as you can outside of meditation
-focusing on your dreams and understanding the patterns you need to overcome and break in day to day life from their guidance
-taking part in yoga, tai chi or a disciplined form of spiritual exercise on a regular basis
-having compassion and being kind to others
-coming to learn from many different methods, how to recognise your ego's reacting and acting out with your day to day interactions, and with your thoughts
-reacting from consciousness, not from ego, and actually having the conscious choice each time to do this for the possible intention of teaching/helping others
-getting exercise, eating a healthy diet that resonates with you such as a vegan or vegetarian diet, and keeping your physical body fit as this impacts your spiritual state and connection
-doing energy work and getting regular energy healings to maintain your system and keep it clear, which in turn can help with your connects and intuition, your health and so much more
-getting enough sun light on a daily basis and not blocking it out from your eyes too much, as the sun is also a conscious energy based requirement for us here, not just related to our vitamin d levels
-not creating karma by your interactions and actions with others... the more karma you create, the more reason you may have to have to come back to resolve it with those you have created it with. you also stop creating karma when you progress to a certain level of spirituality because the way you live your live is as a result of your progress
-living a life with a primary purpose (which is not 'forced, but that comes natural) of helping others and also the earth as much as possible, this could be by being an energy healer, a psychic, a care giver, a nurse, a natropath, a massage therapist, and so on... there are many examples, but as long as you are helping others with that intention... that is part of the journey
-manifesting what you want with very strong intentions and belief and knowing this works, knowing its real, and feeling the vibration of it all

... which are a number of aspects that you come to learn while on the spiritual path, to be key elements in your personal progress and development. So, life here is not as simple as all of this... but, all of this is a major part of raising your vibration and consciousness within each experience. most people may do only one of these within each life, or a combination. They may get to the stage where they are doing all of these... or most of them, but there are more important ones.

As a regular incarnated soul on earth, you also have to go through so many lessons and experiences on top of all of that, experience both the dark and the light and this usually occurs spread out over many life times. I could say right now, that many people have already had hundreds of life times, who are experiencing a life now, but this is not exactly true based upon the total population of the Earth. There are pockets of people living in certain locations and this would be true for those pockets of people. The ley lines of the Earth relate also to our spiritual development, the physical location you reside at, on the Earth. Going right off the point here though...

Laron said...

{continued} My point being... you can't just expect to suddenly make that shift by doing everything right , in this experience, as the other experiences are interconnected and are very relevant. But, you will have a feeling, you will have a knowing, you should have a certain level of confidence around who you are and where you are at right now, here and now...

A lot of 'spiritual people' are going to remain to assist the those others that remain, and their own spiritual progress with the remainder of their time here. This is a noble cause, an honorable decision, but this is their decision totally, they could go with this physical shift, or they could stay. They may stay because they have a family that is staying, they may stay because they got too caught up in life's karma here.. there are also other reasons, even though they may meet the vibrational requirements to physically shift on'.

(By the way, I really dislike labels, for a number of reasons including the main reason of knowing that they limit us and they cause confusion, as well causing separation. I would never call my self a light worker as I really dislike that one especially. I am what I am and I don't need to put a label to any of it, except for the purpose of helping others understand what I do when I need to, such as being a healer for example.)

Moose, you said, “Will the evil of Earth be gone after the shift?” and “What will life be like for the billions left on Earth after the pulse?” "Because wasn’t the purpose of the pulse to clear Earth of darkness and evil?" - This area of things I am not that familiar with personally. My focus has always been on higher levels in relation to most topics.. and I don't pay too much notice of what goes on in some areas such as this. All the information out there is showing us that the cabal are loosing their power. That they are going to be taken away, and removed from that power and that it is happening now. Because of the vibrational changes, the lifting of the veil, there can be more direct interaction from those ET's who have roles with looking after these kinds of things.

As some of us have come to learn, there is a ET influence with this cabal group. And that influence is not positive. So, this means that other ET's are allowed to interfere, when they are able to and when the time is right. If we look at the information out there, which sounds completely crazy to some of us, that there have been space battles going on, far away in space, with fleets of ships and there will be physical evidence of this (going by the webbot)... we can get hints and small understandings of what is going on in the bigger picture. There is likely a galactic federation of various ET groups that will play more of a role in Earth's development in the future. (positive role) But, I do not see them ever interfering to the degree of coming down here and landing and giving our freebies. I think that is a bit silly. But they will take care of these dark ones, I am confident of that. And I could go into great detail of why they wont come down here and change the way we live, but that will make this far too long, as this is already becoming too long. I do think there are certain rules, similar to Star Trek, of how ET's are meant to interact with us until we reach a certain degree of development in relation to spirituality and technology. (even though a lot of our advanced tech comes from ET's anyways)

Laron said...

{continued} As for this pulse, this clearing pulse, Valiant is the only source I am aware of in relation to that specific mention and event doing such a thing, doing a clearing of evil or darkness. So I am not sure about that. While I think that event is connected up with other said events, that was new information for me, hearing that it would just remove evil. It makes sense if you interpret it in a different way... if this pulse is impacting consciousnesses in a very positive way, those that have chosen to go down the path of dark may have a change of heart based on this new energy coming in. Interpretation may be the key here and we should not always take everything so literally. As Rachelle mentioned something similar earlier in relation to the information that came in through Lai, this information from Valiant is a good opportunity to use discernment as well.

In relation to good and evil, just think about it... we have free will. All life and the physical Earth that continues on here, if it remains in this physical reality and moves vibrationally higher (which I think it already has... and is continuing to do so right now!), but not too high, but high enough for spirituality to jump ahead in a few leaps and bounds for a lot of those inhabiting her, there is still going to be free will, there is still going to be those with choices. There will still be the light and the dark. But, there will still be people making really dumb decisions and choices, and those making great decisions and choices. This is part of having an experience here, apart of our spiritual growth on a higher level in relation to our immortal soul (the soul in the spirit world that can split off and have mulitple lives at once) and the aspects of our higher self (collective based consciousnesses above that, compromising of many souls).

So no, I don't see Evil being gone, but I see big changes occurring in relation to evil groups out there and their dismantlement. A big part of that will relate to ET help and another big part will relate to the energies changing and possibly this pulse that Valiant mentions. The choice of morality, of deciding to make a decision that has a lower vibrational impact and effect on the person making the decision and possibly on others.. this still needs to be here for the growth of the soul. This is the system of life here.

I better stop there. I trust this information was somewhat helpful. (I'm not proof reading this, so apologies in advance for any possible dyslexic/mistake based grammar/spelling issues)

Laron said...

In relation to something I just said, a source of mine just mentioned that Clif High (webbot) posted this twitter update 20 minutes ago,

"Ack! SGFs entity shows [alien wars] heating up in msm in 2014. Focus will include language to [(planetary) system security] from [off-world]"

You can find Clif on twitter now for those that did not know,

(SGF, means space goats farts, a label Clif gives the sets of data relating to ET's based phenomenon)

Laron Fereira said...

Cynthia, what you say 'feels' right to me. Thanks for your comment there.

Laron Fereira said...

Thank you for your expanded feedback Sunny, it means a lot to me.

Andy said...

Thank you once again for your time and sharing. You're truly a wonderful, compassionate teacher.

moosehead711 said...

Thank you Laron. That was an amazing reply with extraordinary detail. I can tell you are a kind person with a lot of compassion and I know you didn't plan to upset anyone with this Lai post. You are right, I am probably putting too much stock into the world changing and should just work at living my life the best I can. I am very sorry that I upset you or anyone else. This is why I normally don't post - I should probably stick to that for a while :) Thank you again.

Unknown said...

Rachelle, not Bob Marley, Bobby McFerrin ("Don't Worry Be Happy"). A quote from Marley's "One Love" might have been more appropriate, however; like "Let's get together and BE alright."

And all this hierarchy and levels, etc. ; isn't this what we're supposed to be transitioning OUT of? I'm sorry, I haven't bothered to read the entire post, quite frankly... this doesn't resonate with me at all. My apologies for being curt, but not buying this AT ALL.

the_mesmerizer said...

Dear everyone,

First of all thanks to Laron to communicate with Lai and set up this QHHT. I hope to donate something to carry on this good work soon. (I am doing research among computer users and the task of transcribing recorded information takes a lot of patience.) Laron chose to do so much hard work. Thanks for the love Laron.

I thank Laron more because of doing so as the information often depends on the QHHT practitioner and the subject (in this case the person "Lai") is sometimes aware and sometimes unaware of what is going on. Dolores also said the similar things, some of her subjects had life outside earth while others had talked about many many lives on earth. Sometimes Dolores would get the next piece of information from a different subject but about the same topic that another subject talked about. So it was Dolores who received the information. I believe here it is Laron who received the information and this is the freshest and new clear information source at the moment in English language on Earth ( the Old Earth).

Moose I would first like to thank you for bringing things up on the comments. If you did not do it, someone else would have, so there is nothing personal, no one will love you less. We all love each other and are connected here, I feel.
As a reader, I noticed there was a certain kind of fear with me with the number. So perhaps that is the thing we may question. Who taught us this number( as you mentioned "Jeehovah´s Witness" etc.) I also had similar thoughts in my head. Are some people more special than others?- this also made me sad.
I asked myself that after reading the number, did it feel like I will be the one left behind? If so why did it occur in my mind? Perhaps in my mind I believe I am not doing the best? May be I need more transformation for me to go a level higher? Perhaps I am comparing myself to others and saying there is A and B who are better than me spiritually, as if a spiritual scale exists? So I have been in front of a mirror and thinking instead of being dejected, what do I need right now to go to the next level? What if all the people does not want to go to the New Earth? What if they want to do it their way? What if my partner wants to touch the hot plate before realizing he needs to put on mittens?

What I mean is there are people living with me in my family, who might want to go to the New Earth but then, they want to watch TV to make themselves feel better, rather than doing a meditation and self clearing when I call them to do. If I force them, they will not be doing it and won´t get anything out of meditation. So what if they need their time? I worried about them and got angry on them. After being angry on my loved ones I felt angry on myself. Then I realized I cannot use them as my excuse of not doing meditation. What if I keep doing it without my beloved family? I did and soon they got influenced and some members of my family are choosing to do it too. Humans love to choose for themselves. Dolores also said, Earth has free will.

If Laron had intentions of keeping us happy, like many commercial guides do, he would have hidden certain parts of the information from QHHT with Lai. But instead he put it out there to us. There is just so much love in his intentions. He could now sell tickets to New Earth.... like religious groups do. But all he wanted was to present it to us and share with all of us.

Thanks to you Moose, with your question I learned so much about myself and that´s why I mentioned you here in this comment. Please don´t feel I am discussing you. Thanks Cycy, Kat, Rachelle, Sunny and all of the others. Do you guys also feel that this post got us the readers closer to each other? Love you all.

the_mesmerizer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the_mesmerizer said...

Names and numbers were discovered by humans on Earth to help things easier. We humans label things while in energy world all things are known by their energy.

As I read it over and over, it seems the source of information did not want to use a number or as if they are not familiar with numbers and hierarchy as it is evident from some parts but perhaps this is the best way to explain it. For example lines like--
-"imagine a curve going high. Lets say, lets call it level two..."
-"Lets change the name to something. Because if we say zero, one, two and three, it means its sequential but its not. Three is just starting from a new plane, suddenly, as if you are moved to a new... a new world."

As Katy also said, they might have used numbers to help us to understand? They were really reserved in using hierarchies and levels but perhaps that is the best way to communicate with us because we always ask them exact details.

the_mesmerizer said...

I love what you posted Kat Bayer. Before that I was sad. I love your last sentence "I think it's important to let new information "sit" in non-judgment until we have the ability to grasp it's reality."
Hope soon we will be able to grasp and laugh about the feeling we had first.


I completely agree with you the_mesmerizer about Laron.He is our Guardian Angel.The amount of information he shares through his articles as well as his comments is mind boggling.I want to thank you Laron for showing up everyday.May God Bless You Laron.You are a gem of a person Laron.

moosehead711 said...

Thank you very much the_mesmerizer I appreciate your kindness. I want to explain that I am a truth seeker. If what was said in the QHHT session is the truth, so be it, but it was so shockingly different than the other "truths" I've been clinging to. I also appreciate Laron's honesty in his posts and I am extremely grateful that he puts it out there for us in it's raw form - I wouldn't want it any other way. It's one of the reasons I love this site so much. To all the other posters who felt my pain, I'm sorry, I feel really bad about that.

Laron said...

Moose, I believe this information to be accurate based upon so many reasons, including what has come through in the past from that source. I have been told personal things through it that Lai was not aware of and which related to my life that I could confirm. There are just so many reasons... but I am not here to preach or debate or convince anyone of anything. I just supply this info and I explain aspects of it when explanations are required.

There are a few things to take into consideration, and this goes for any source of info.

Are each of you understanding it the same way I am? And I not just referring to the language barrier, and the difficultly around explanations within, which shone through in this one. But what each explanation and piece of information actually and truly means. There could be different interpretations of many things in here based on our individual perspectives.

Something important to think about here is that the focus was mainly on two areas, one was the physical shift of souls in their bodies to this 'new earth' place, which has been discussed heavily through Dolores Cannon's material. I have friends who I have met through here, who have had many experiences over the past year or so in relation to this location, from dreams to visions in meditation.
The explanations of the shifts in the past is something important for people to think about here... as this has happened before, but with a much lessor number of people. This will keep on happening in the future because on these cycles. It was discussed why this is a rare situation though, which is what was needed to be heard and understood. The Earth is also shifting and is in the process of doing so right now. This doesn't mean there is nothing left, as this is an aspect of the consciousness of the Earth shifting, not the physical Earth. It can be looked at as the soul of the earth moving on to another planetary body in a way, but, in a higher up dimension.

The other area was the changes going on in relation to spirituality and consciousness as a result of all the energies and changes happening. The information didn't cover what is happening vibrationally or even dimensionally, outside of those consciousness changes, and in connection to everyone who heads into the future on Earth. But, I did go into that a little bit with my follow up comments and provided explanations as to why everything and everyone just wouldn't suddenly ascend up a few dimensional levels. There are and will still be great changes vibrationally speaking to come here on Earth.

Laron said...

{continued} I will make sure this side of things is covered the next time I catch up with Lai, but I already had a good understanding and belief around this so it was not something I even thought of touching on in the session, as the information that came through, I felt, was exactly what was needed to be heard and I think this is the most important information I have shared in relation to guidance around the changes going on so far.

There will be others who felt like you Moose, so don't worry about that. You shared your thoughts and feelings and you were able to because of this space here. It is a very positive thing to do, to share in that way for you, and others would have related, others who may have had a similar understanding to you and were surprised with this information.

For those that have read the previous sessions, you may remember that I had decided that perhaps I should stay(if I had a choice in the matter), even though I was told my plan (soul) was to go as had been described. And the reason I mentioned at the time for staying was because I may be of assistance to others. You see, I don't have any worry, concerns or fears around remaining, and completing my experience and life here. And this may just happen anyway. I am prepared for whatever comes. But, based on my understanding and knowledge, my 'knowings' about how things just work, well, all of this information just fits in perfectly and there are no surprises here.

It can be difficult to help a soul understand when there are so many parts that make up an explanation. Sometimes the only way they will ever understand is if they have lived a life which has prepared them via their various experiences, for that moment which they may run into a situation, or piece of information. That moment will be defined based on their past and therefore their current state of being.

I have to finish here as I have a client who requires some distant healing now.

Laron said...

Andy, here is an article I just posted in relation to your question.

angelicview said...

I was out of town (on vacation) when this series of articles came out, and so I'm catching up on my reading just now. I really appreciate Laron and Lai for putting all this together for us, and all the people who have commented on this article.

I can really appreciate all the viewpoints expressed above. Several of the other sources that I have been following regarding the shift are not in agreement with what has been published here. Who's right? I really don't know. I understand what MooseHead711 has said about being spiritual in this 3d world. I am a single working mother and a nurse. If I could shake all my responsibilities and just use my time to be in meditation and in nature, I'd probably be much more connected. Perhaps I'm not meant to move on up this time around.

However, some other sources that I respect have said that the Being that is our Mother Earth has decided that she no longer wishes to host 3d life anymore. Therefore, ALL persons will be going SOMEWHERE - because 3d life will not exist on Earth any longer. That goes against what was said in this article but I can't really tell you all who's right and who's wrong. I really don't know.

There was a time in my life when I was waiting for and hoping for a shift in consciousness so that I could live in a more peaceful environment where love and compassion were practiced by all. That hasn't happened as of yet. And over time I have realized that I can only control my SELF. I do not have direct control over what other people on Earth do. But I can live as peacefully as possible and in concert with the Earth and the peoples who I come in contact with. I can be loving every single day and compassionate with those I encounter, as well. No longer am I waiting for anything to happen. If anything happens to the consciousness of all beings on Earth within my lifetime, it'll be icing on the cake for me. But if nothing ever happens, I need to make sure my spiritual growth is on target and that I accomplish my mission(s) in life.

Again, thanks to Laron and Lai, and all the people who have commented here. <3

fairyfloss said...

I also have been overseas and then had a very close and sudden death in the family to contend with and missed this incredible article at the time.Wow! What an incredible gift Laron gives us all in this latest article. I have always resonated with as Laron is very honest with himself and his readers and he is always discerning in regards to informing on truth. If there is any element of doubt, he hesitates until something presents itself to show it is true and worthy of publishing. I fully respect that. Words-the current English language here -are the best medium we currently have to communicate ideas within everyday life and they are fallible. How you the reader interprets the information presented is entirely dependant upon who you are, your cultural background and even the current fears, feelings and expectations you hold. Ego can get in the way too..after all we are human.. and its only natural. When we have been holding out for a certain outcome and something presents as not fitting that outcome a lot of passionate feelings can get stirred up. Disappointment can manifest. Unfortunately at this time on planet earth to go against the grain, to follow your spiritual path and essence can be a very difficult road, to seek truth when so much reported corruption and misinformation prevails is a difficult thing. We are all on the same page here and in our shared essence want the same outcome. We are at different levels of understanding and learning but we are one. In the end only kindness matters and Love prevails. Where we are during the shift, and where we end up is not the point. Our uniqueness will determine those outcomes. Much love and light to all of you and esp Laron who helps us all be.